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Health System Leadership Vows to Keep Fighting for the Safety of Patients, Visitors and Staff
Published: 2/15/2017

he University of Kansas Health System expressed its extreme disappointment with today’s tie vote in the Kansas House Federal and State Affairs Committee on House Bill 2150. The proposal is designed to exempt the state’s only academic health system and its attached healthcare district from the law allowing concealed weapons in its buildings.

Why Cardiac Rehab is So Vital to Recovery
Published: 2/10/2017

Along with Valentine’s Day, February marks American Heart Month. This year, doctors want to emphasize the importance of cardiac rehab in the recovery process, and how a lot of the road back to wellness is in the hands of the patient.

Patient Care - At the (Stem) Cell Level
Published: 2/10/2017

The five-person team in the BMT Cell Processing Lab at The University of Kansas Health System collects, manipulates and cryo-preserves stem cells for patients receiving blood and marrow transplants.

Teaming Up to Battle Pediatric Cancer
Published: 2/9/2017

$10 million supports new endowed chairs here and at Children's.

The University of Kansas Health System Celebrates "A Bridge to Transplant" During Heart Month
Published: 2/6/2017

Heart month this year has a whole new meaning for a 31-year-old Seneca, Kansas man.

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